Mission Statement

I have been told that experience is the new currency in cruising and travel, so I am trying hard to become a professional traveler. Who doesn’t want to travel for a living?

My love for travel and the travel industry started when I planned my own business trip to Walt Disney World in the summer of 1999 for a company I was office & accounts receivable manager for (the convention was addressing our computer software and the Y2K “bug”). One thirty hour Amtrak train ride later I was loving the entire travel experience. The train picked me up at the B&O Station in Youngstown, Ohio and I had a 2 hour lay over in Philadelphia. During that time I met many interesting people, watched out the window as the amazing world went by and then once we headed south to my destination in Orlando, Florida I was amazed by the beautiful scenery. I knew that I needed more of exactly THIS in my life. Then I began planning family trips in 2005. I learned a lot when planning my trips to our different destinations, but I will never forget that first business trip and the excitement along the way to reach my destination.

I love to immerse myself in cultural experiences and have traveled to nearly every state in the United States and have had many different types of vacations from camping in the woods, taking a great beach vacation (on several different beaches throughout the U.S.), to visiting many theme parks including Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Studios and Cedar Fair’s Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.

I am a vacation planner and own and operate my own travel agency; Dreamland Destinations - established in August of 2016- and am working on expanding on our services and revamping the company by transforming who we are as a travel company. We have Independent Travel Agents working to expand their professional travel knowledge to bring you the most update and cost effective ways to travel on a budget. If you’re not concerned with sticking to a budget they can also find the best luxury product to put you and your family in for your preferred vacation. 

To those travel professionals who are looking for the right company to invest time and energy in; no need to look any further. Set up an appointment with us. We can chat about what you are looking to get out of your career. We are a big extended family here at Dreamland Destinations! We are that agency you have been searching for and if you are the right fit we would be happy to have you join our family. We are always looking for experienced travel professionals. We aren’t just another pretty face in the travel industry. We offer the support and training you need to elevate your career. Not to mention we reward our top agents with agency leads. We are an up & coming Host Agency with so much more to offer veteran agents. Message us if you would like more information. We look forward to talking with you.


-Dottie Bilchik Hershey, blogger & professional traveler
Owner of Dreamland Destinations, LLC